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tl;dr: MediaCrush hosts images, video, and audio for you and takes your privacy seriously. It's like imgur or minus, plus videos and audio, plus privacy.

MediaCrush is an image hosting site. There are many such sites, but MediaCrush is made unique by its speed and its commitment to user privacy. For example, MediaCrush serves up gifs way faster than other sites:


GIF demo

Filesize: 1965 kB (~2.0 MB)


Filesize: 118 kB (~0.118 MB)

The results? 1600% compression. That's exactly right, the video shown here loads 1600% faster than the gif. And we often get speeds even better. Hell, I've seen ones more than 3000%. You see, the gif file format is pretty bad. In the 28 years since GIF was created, we've made huge strides in video compression. So, in order to give you gifs faster, we convert them to videos. Pretty neat, huh?

Not only are we super fast for gifs, we've invested in powerful servers and a ton of bandwidth*, and we run other files through lossless compression tools to serve them faster, too. We also do a lot of things that you might like that are unrelated to our images:

There's more details on privacy and such in the sister blog post, MediaCrush for Nerds.

In short: MediaCrush is a super-fast, super-sleek image host that takes every step to defend your privacy. We're also totally free (we even let you disable advertisements), and we love our users. What are you waiting for? Upload some stuff! If you have questions or just want to chat, drop a comment and we'll do our best to get back to you.

By the way, the thing we need the most right now is users! If you like what we're doing, tell your friends about us.

* Those powerful servers and that bandwidth aren't free. We'd love your donation!
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